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Do you believe him? Scot Young on the rack

Do You Believe Him Scot Young On The Rack
Published: 19th November 2013 - Category: Bastow Blogs - Author: Lynne Bastow

Britain’s most acrimonious divorce continues.

Scot Young is facing some tough questions. Is he bankrupt or is he a liar hiding vast wealth? Whatever, he appears too clever for his own good.

As reported in the The Telegraph he is facing this interrogation due to financial irregularities.

What is unusual:

  1. He owes people vast sums of money but they are supporting him financially.
  2. Seems odd that they don’t therefore lend or give him some money for legal representation.
  3. He is accused of faking his own bankruptcy.
  4. His wife has uncovered what appears confidential documents and is able to rely on them.
  5. He gave his daughter an old laptop. Even if he was broke this does not make sense.
  6. His business connections and friends are being made to give evidence.

His wife is prepared to settle for £300 million and her legal fees paid. Is that a touch greedy maybe? What message does this case give to wealthy individuals contemplating marriage?

How will they extract the money from Mr Young even if he is found to be lying? He has already shown that he is prepared to go to prison.

What if he is not lying? How will his wife’s lawyers get paid? Not sure anyone will be worrying about them but the whole case appears a gamble from both sides.

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