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Stay married then

Published: 17th June 2009 - Category: Bastow Blogs - Author: Lynne Bastow

An article in the Daily Mail cites Mr Justice Coleridge as stating that the Government should encourage people to stay married! That divorce has reached epidemic proportions!

Only marriage can mend broken Britain!

This Government’s taxation policies positively encourage divorce.

For example – An average family in England

A couple with 2 young children aged 5 and 7 with the mother staying at home to look after the children. The Husband takes home £2000.00 per month. The mortgage costs £400.00 per month for their 3 bedroom house. The house is worth £200,000.00 but they could not sell it in the current economic climate and the mortgage is £120,000.00. The husband has a pension worth £150,000.00

The wife decides the marriage is over and gets a part time job.

Her new life

A single mother with 2 children, working 20 hours a week, earning £600.00 she receives another £700.00 in tax credits. Her ex husband will pay her £400.00 per month in child support under the CSA assessment. She rents a room out to a single female friend who helps with the baby sitting and gets another £350 per month tax free. The mother now nets £50.00 more per month than when her husband was at home! She can go out when she wants, has a nice little part time job where she has a good laugh with her work mates and she has lost a stone and a half in weight! She treats herself to a new hair style!

The house is transferred to her but her ex husband stays on the mortgage. He gets to keep his pension.

His new life

He now rents a 2 bedroom flat, sees his kid every other weekend and has to do all his own washing and house work. He is tired a lot so does not go out chasing women as much as he thought he would. He misses his children.

The children’s new life

They miss their dad a lot but they do not miss the fighting and mum’s constant nagging and moaning about her weight. When they see their dad he spends time with them – something he never did before. They do not like mum’s new boyfriend.

Does any of this make sense?

The working tax credit system is a divorcing wife’s charter!

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