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What happened in family law in 2011?

Published: 22nd December 2011 - Category: Bastow Blogs - Author: Lynne Bastow

The rules changed… new Family Procedural Rules came in with the new fiscal year so… more delay with mistakes happening…

Reduction in Court Service… due to financial cuts.

Increase in number of care applications… Baby P response.

Increase in the number of divorces in 2010 (bit slow on the figures coming through)… blamed on the recession and not on affairs… survey of lawyers stated more people get divorced because they have gone off their partner not because one has had an affair. In my experience if one party has an affair the other goes off them… Lots of anecdotal talk about people being too worried about the financial crisis to have an affair. Really?

Increase in number of Children Act Applications for Residence and Contact… a bit like the prisons… we need a reduction in people using this resource because we cannot cope….

Somewhat coincidentally anyone contemplating litigating their finances or children matters has to go for a Mediation Assessment.

Lots more Mediators around… or does it just feel like that? Reminds me of HIPS… the main people who gain will be the training providers.

Bill to withdraw Legal Aid unless domestic violence proved (via an injunction or an arrest so the law needs to be involved), a forced marriage or a threat to have your children taken into care… the Lords are still debating this…

The COOP will be offering a nationwide divorce service via its 5000 outlets and has employed at least 2 lawyers…

No new laws for Cohabitants but a great new case from the Supreme Court which was fair on the facts but opens the door for yet more litigation.

In summary…. the numbers have increased and the facilities have reduced…

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